Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You are note worthy!

Today is the second day for the kids to bring in something for their teachers.  Today they were to bring in a card/note.  I had Sean look through my Cricut booklets and he feel in love with the pencil and paper from Simply Charmed.  As you can see I didn't make the paper, it didn't look "write" with white glitter paper so I 86'd that and decided to add #1 Teacher from Makin' the Grade.

I used, of course, glitter paper, scrap pieces of paper & ribbon for the card, Gypsy, Expression E2 & my trusty ATG tapegun.  He wrote a lovely message to his teacher.  I had him bring this note with a bag of Starbucks coffee and a coffee cup.  I hope she's enjoying being spoiled by him...he's given her quite a rough year!!!

Have a note worthy day!!
Cindy :)~

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