Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sunny Summer

Now that school's starting back up soon, I wanted to share the goodie bags I made for Sean's last day of school. (better late than never?!?) I think they are so stinking cute!! I was inspired by My Pink Stamper, she's always making treat bags for her kids and I wanted to do the same for my Seany Boy. I asked him to help me design the bags, so he came up with the saying..."Hope your Summer is very Sunny!" and he wanted a sun with sunglasses. SOOOOO here is what I came up with for him.

*Gypsy Smiley Card Cartridge
*Best Occasions Glitter Paper Pack Yellow/Orange for the outside of sun
*Best Occasions Metallic Paper Pack Black for the sunglasses
*Various Paper Scraps for the back ground (bright, bold colors)
*Xyron 1.5" Create-a-Sticker
*Zots 3D Clear Adhesive Dots
*Creative Memories Precision Point Adhesive Pen

I cut the sun and sun rays at 2.63"w x 2.50"h
Sunglasses were cut at 2.21"w x 2.64"h

In order to make the sunglasses I had to do a lot of hiding of cuts and switching things around. The hid feature is my favorite thing about the's endless as to what you can create. I first hid the cut on the sun and added the snowman's face into the middle of the sun. I hid everything on the snowman, this way the sunglasses and mouth will cut on the sun so I knew where to place black metallic paper sunglasses and mouth. It sounds like a lot of work but once you get the hang of the hide feature, you can personalize and change up lots of stuff with your cartridges.

In order to assemble the suns, I first used the Xyron for the sunglasses and mouth, it made my life sooooo much easier. I attached them to all the sun base. Then I used my Creative Memories Precision Point Adhesive for the outer sun was too big to go through my Xyron, so I used my next best friend and glue pen. This pen is great to use and so easy. It's like using a pen; just squeeze the glue out at your desired flow and amount. VIOLA! Lastly, I attached all the suns using my Zots 3D dots to the cards in order to make the sun POP off the cards.

I hope you have a Sunny Summer and enjoyed our little goodbye treat bags my son and I created.

Keep on craftin' and smilin'...
Cindy :)~

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